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      1. Professional business, integrity, win-win cooperation

        Professional management, honesty, cooperation and win-win

        Shantou Caixin Plastic Machinery Factory

        Shantou Jinping Caixin plastic machinery factory the production of plastic suction nozzle series, product range, specifications from the inner diameter of 8.2mm and different specifications are. With the soft packing bag heat sealing, and can be widely used for containing various liquid, powder products, such as soft drinks, jelly, fresh milk and flavoring (acid), glucose, washing supplies. Has been adhering to the "profe

        Recommended products

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        • Yellow018#
        • 031

        • Tel:0754 - 83143323
        • phone:13556378601
        • Fax:0754 - 81343323
        • Add:China jin area chaoshan road, shantou city, guangdong province area
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